“But I’m not like that.”



“Well, of course you aren’t. Nobody said you were, you moron. Not everything is about you.”

This will now be my response to people who feel it is their duty and obligation to take what you said happen and negate it to something that it wasn’t.

I am no longer going to explain myself. I’m 59 and tired of doing so. So I won’t.

When someone tells me something, I listen. I hear what they have to say and do my best to understand. It is not my job to tell them how to feel, how to deal with it or do anything other than listen. I do my best to kick my empathy into high-drive.

I would no more tell a black person how all white people aren’t bad if they have suffered at the hands of someone than I would beat an animal and torture it. I would not tell a gay person how to feel when someone has come along and slimed them. I would not explain to someone who has had their human rights violated that “Not all people are like that.”

But for some reason, it seems perfectly acceptable to tell a woman how to feel and to explain to her that “It’s not all that bad.”

Sorry, but is there some valid research that proves my IQ dropped 20 points once my vagina arrived? Did I miss that particular memo?

Nor will I listen to hate speech and try to turn it around. Hate is hate and it doesn’t matter the target. Men, women, white, black or green, I am no longer interested in doing anything other than walking away and finding some other place to get some work done.

I will listen and I expect the same courtesy in return. If that is not going to happen, I’ve nothing left to say. Anything less is a waste of my valuable time.


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