I really don’t care.


I don’t care that you have it rough.

I don’t care that we’re all not dropping our signs, jumping off our soap boxes and running over to quiet and calm your fragile state of mind.

I don’t care that we aren’t talking about you and how our problems cause YOU problems.

I don’t care that it annoys you that we haven’t switched the topic over to what you want to talk about.

I don’t care that you’re too stupid to understand the difference between harassment and common courtesy and good manners.

What I do care about is the safety and welfare of women, among many other things.

I won’t apologize to you, or anyone else for:

  • What I think.
  • What I feel.
  • What I know.
  • What I have observed.
  • What I have experienced.
  • What I do.
  • How I dress.
  • How I talk.

If I were a minority, such as an African-American, and was speaking about discrimination, would you really come up to me and tell me all about how rough you have it as a white person? Maybe you would, but most people have enough common sense to just listen. Or at best just walk away and keep their mouths shut. At least I hope so.

For you see, it’s not about whether or not you agree. Yeah, this really isn’t about you and I won’t apologize for that.

It’s all about being heard and understood and educating. It’s about talking and learning.

So every time you tell me how bad it is for you, I know you aren’t listening and have your own agenda. Every time you throw out an example of how you’re not included in the scenario, I know I am talking to a narrow-minded fool.

A person either contributes in the direction of something or they stand away from it, or they block it.

Every time you utter or shout your upset that we aren’t talking about you, you are intentionally blocking what I and others are trying to do.

You don’t fool me.

To all the narrow-minded fools out there, I just have this to say:

Fuck off.





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