Month: November 2014

Sometimes things don’t mean anything

Not everything is important. Not everything means something.

Sometimes life is just a silly little thing that has no significance other than a passing moment, one right after the other. Some moments are better than others.

Saying hello to a stranger can mean just that – hello. It’s just a hello to acknowledge the presence of another human being on Earth. Once it’s said, it’s often forgotten because it meant nothing other than that. One small moment in a life filled with millions of them.

One bad day does not make a bad life. Or maybe it does. That’s up to you.

Sometimes I have been asked “What did you mean by that?” and I meant nothing. I was just filling in dead air with sounds, known as words. There was no hidden agenda behind what I said. I said something because silence with other people bothers me at times.

Trying to explain that you meant nothing is as bad as explaining the punch line to a joke. It’s pointless and tends to make a non-serious moment serious.

Extending kindness and using good manners towards someone else is just that – you’re aware of the person and grant them importance.

The day that becomes a bad thing will mean nothing to me. I’ll keep doing it.

Opinions don’t matter to me. They are unimportant in the scheme of things. They pass quickly, replaced by others that continue to have no importance.

I see the witch hunts on TV and online. I see all the speculation and the ruining of people because suddenly something that was nothing now means something.

What does this post mean?