The Pastor and his wife



I was tired after driving all weekend. I had one more fare to do before collecting a nice bonus from Uber. That’s my game on the weekends – make the bonus and ease up my finances for the day.

It was Sunday afternoon and I had been at it since 10:00 that morning. Just one more fare and I’d be done for the day and week.

It was 3:00 and I was praying to the Uber God’s to send me…just…one…more and then BAM! There it was. I drove over and couldn’t find him. The app is pretty amazing but this time, it said “Pick up Tomaga” as I got closer.

Pick him/her up where, exactly? Right here in the middle of the busy street? Normally it will say on the left or the right, but not this time. So I drove into one parking lot, looking for someone who was looking for me.

No luck.

So I crossed the busy street and did the same thing.

Still no luck, so back to the first parking lot. I pull over and call him. He’s across the street IN FRONT OF TARGET! How could the app not know this?


I pull over and it’s a couple. With suitcases, so we’re probably going to an airport and I cross my fingers and hope it’s San Jose.

Nope. Wrong again.

It’s San Francisco.

An hour away.

I smile and tell them it’s no problem. I load up their suitcases and off we go. I ask them where they are flying to. They tell me back home to Norway.

“Oh, were you out here for fun or business?”

“Both,” he says. “We were at a convention all week.”

“Oh? What kind of convention that would also be business and fun?” I ask as I merge onto the freeway.

He hesitates and smiles. “Ummm….it was a Christian convention….”

“Tell me more,” I say. I want to hear it.

We end up talking the entire time about their work in Norway and all around the world. It was fascinating and the more we talked, the less tired I feel. He tells me he is a pastor and teaches. I ask if they have any literature I could see and they leave me a brochure.

I talk to them about how I wanted to get back into my human rights work and was feeling a bit overwhelmed about it.

He leans over from the back seat and pats me on the shoulder. “You’re an evangelist. You speak and listen from your heart. You are one of the few people with a voice.”

I feel myself nod and smile. Suddenly I have an enormous amount of energy and gratitude. I don’t always understand why things are the way they are, but I know enough that sometimes you just have to walk a path and let the universe help you.

I dropped them off amongst many hugs and cars zipping by. For that moment that I said good-bye to them, I felt as if I had had a quick brush with long time friends that I hoped I would see again.

The organization they work with is called “Transform Our World.” I don’t know much about them but here’s their website: Transform Our World

If you’d like to explore having this much fun with Uber, I’ll help you. There are so many people you’ll meet that you never would have had a chance to. I know I’m helping people and even after a long day, I come home happy and satisfied that I helped a bunch of people. Use my promo code it you sign up and would like some help: SUSANL12997UE.

Or use someone else’s – it’s all good.



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