Michelle Obama

I have the right to speak and not listen to your bull shit.


The price I paid for not being PC (Politically Correct).

Now PC is a completely arbitrary term. It’s definition is solely dependent on opinion.

I don’t pay much attention to opinions, other than my own. They are what they are and have as much weight and value that you choose to give them. There are very few opinions of others that I care much about. A few, but not many. Maybe 3 if I cared to add them up.

I had the very unfortunate experience of posting something on Facebook that was not only not appreciated by some of my  real life friends, but also gave them license (or so they thought) to then come onto my post and correct me. When that didn’t work, the condescension started. You know, when people explain slowly and patiently to you that you don’t understand and your thinking is wrong? It’s like porn – you know it when you see/hear it. It has its own icky wavelength.

It was a simple post and I made that egregious (apparently) error of posting something from….dare I say it……..the Democrats! Oh horror! Oh the horrible and misguided error of my ways!

And not only was it from a Democrat but….(gulp)…it was from The First Lady! Well….shame on me…..

Now even though I stated very clearly that I was posting this because of her speech against the recent vulgar and lewd comments  about women, and not a political statement, that was not enough. Oh no it was not. In fact, the point and purpose of the post was not relevant. It didn’t matter why I had posted it. I had crossed some sort of line with some friends and it was their duty to troll me and make sure I towed the party line.

Independent thought I guess is a bad thing. Being bipartisan is bad. I am bad. I am wrong and I need to understand this.

The fact that I posted it because it was a beautiful, strong and eloquent speech ABOUT DISRESPECTING WOMEN AND NOT POLITICAL wasn’t enough to absolve me of the error of my ways. Things have gotten so bad that speaking up for 51% of the population is something that needs to be silenced and stopped.

But they made a couple of fatal errors themselves:

1) They pissed of a writer.
2) They tried to tell a writer what she should and shouldn’t post.
3) They don’t read my writing and have no clue about the work I’ve done for women’s issues.
4) They pissed ME off.
5) They thought I would go quietly into the night.

Are they out of their fucking minds?

I guess so.

So I did what I usually do – blocked a raging lunatic, stood my ground and kept repeating my point and waited.

I deleted the comments (all of them, including mine) because it had gotten so ugly that I didn’t want my name associated with any of it. I kept the post up, gave a warning and waited.

The sheep ran away, just as I thought.

So just in case it’s not clear to anyone, let me state this as clearly as I can:


There. I said it. No one will ever have greater importance to me than myself.

No one tells me what to think or how to think.

No one has the authority or power over my self-determinism, thoughts, ideas, creativity, pursuit of happiness, or my mind. No one.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I will clarify. I will discuss. I will listen.

But I will not be bullied, harassed, spoken badly to, disrespected, or talked down to.

If that means I toss everyone out of my life to have peace of mind, fine by me. I won’t think twice about it.

Until we can understand each other, appreciate each other and trust each other, there will never be peace on earth.

Now to piss of even more people, here is the speech that caused so many people such anguish and horror. (Yes, I’m happy to do it again).

And before you listen to it, let me remind you that what she is saying is what we women have to deal with every single day of our lives. She is speaking for women and if anyone has a problem with that, then they have a problem with me and should just move along and stay away from me.

Michelle Obama’s powerful speech